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Updated: January 2019
By: Nate Matherson, CEO/Co-Founder of LendEDU

We encourage our readers to leave comments on our website. We believe that comments encourage healthy debate and create value for all readers. We would like to hear your opinions, questions, compliments, and concerns. And we know that our other readers do, too. However, we do need to place certain limits on the conversation to protect readers.

All comments submitted to LendEDU will be reviewed by our moderation team prior to publication. As a result, there will be delays in between when the comment is submitted and when the comment is published on our website. Often times, the moderation team will work to answer questions included in comments to the best of our ability.

The LendEDU moderation team uses the following standards to approve or deny comments submitted for publication. Any comment submitted must fully adhere to these standards.

1. Comments must not include spam. This sounds and is very simple. By now, our moderation team can pretty quickly identify spam from non-spam.

2. Comments must not attack specific persons or groups of individuals.

3. Comments must not include vulgar language or offensive terminology.

4. Comments must not include sensitive personal financial information including but not limited to account numbers, SSN, contact information, application information, etc.

5. Comments must not include overly promotional language.

6. Comments must not be considered misleading.

7. Comments must be submitted in English so that we can confidently determine that the comment meets our standards.

If you believe that a published comment violates these standards please let us know. You can contact the moderation team directly by emailing support[at]lendedu.com.

If you submit comments that continually violate these standards you may be banned or blocked from submitting future comments.

The LendEDU moderation team reserves the right to delete any comments submitted to the website without notice.

The LendEDU moderation team will do its best to respond to questions included in comments. The information published in comments is for educational purposes only. Please consult a licensed financial professional before making any financial decisions.

The LendEDU moderation team is a component of our editorial team. As a result, the LendEDU moderation team abides by our Editorial Integrity policy. The LendEDU moderation team does not receive direction from advertisers on our website. We do not publish favorable (or unfavorable) comments at the direction of any advertiser.

Author: Alex Coleman

Alex is passionate about building experiences that help consumers make educated financial decisions. Alex has a bachelor's degree in operations management and management information systems from the University of Delaware.