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Which Credit Card is Promoted in the Samuel L. Jackson Commercial?

Updated Feb 28, 2022   |   4-min read

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You may have seen the commercials with iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson promoting a credit card in a variety of situations. Like Jennifer Garner in similar commercials, he remains calm and unruffled as he describes the no-frills card with a straightforward cash back rewards program.

The most recent commercial features Samuel L. Jackson walking through a desert as waves of sand rise around him. He calmly describes how many credit cards send you on a “journey” to get your rewards. Jackson is promoting the Capital One Quicksilver Card as a “cash back oasis” with its straightforward all-inclusive cash back rewards program.

This card, which Samuel L. Jackson has been promoting since 2013, is known for not having any fees or gimmicks, making it easy to get your cash back rewards. If you didn’t catch the details during any of Jackson’s commercials, now is your chance to learn more about this card.

What are the Benefits of the Capital One Quicksilver Card?

For the most part, the Capital One Quicksilver it lives up to its promise. It has no annual fee, and a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) for the first 15 months. After that, the APR ranges from 14.74% to 24.74%, depending on the cardholder’s credit score. Generally, cardholders must have a good to excellent credit history to qualify, which means a score of 690 or higher.

Perhaps most notably, the Capital One Quicksilver card gives cardholders unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase every day. There is no minimum amount required to redeem the cash back amount and cardholders don’t need to sign up to earn the rewards. Rewards do not expire for the life of the account and there is no cap on the amount of rewards that a cardholder can accumulate.

There are no foreign transaction fees with this card. Finally, cardholders are entitled to a $150 cash bonus after they spend $500 on purchases within three months after opening the account.

Why are these features so important?

Many credit card companies have cash back programs orother rewards that seem generous, but in practice they have many limitations that complicate the process. For example, cardholders may be prevented from redeeming their cash back rewards until they reach a certain threshold which may be inconvenient for the cardholder. Or a customer may not realize they need to take additional steps to actually earn the rewards points.

Some cards even put a limit on the amount of rewards that can be earned each year or each quarter.

What are the Downsides to the Capital One Quicksilver Card?

Despite the many benefits of the Capital One Quicksilver card, there are downsides. First, the introductory rate for the 0% APR is shorter than what is offered by some other credit card companies, which promote 18- and 24-month 0% APR periods.

Second, there are no bonus categories for cash back rewards. For example, many credit card companies allow users to earn double or triple points on money spent at restaurants or gas stations, or on travel. With the Capital One Quicksilver card, all purchases are treated in exactly the same manner. This eliminates the ability to spend strategically to rack up points or rewards more quickly.

Bottom Line

The bottom line for the Capital One Quicksilver card is that its cash back rate for all purchases is generous compared to most credit card companies, who typically offer 1% for most purchases, and potentially a higher rate for limited other purchases.

The Capital One Quicksilver card has a relatively short 0% introductory APR period and only people with good credit can qualify for this card. However, its straightforward approach to its rewards program ensures that cardholders can actually use their cash back rewards when they need them. Cardholders won’t be stuck trying to figure out the fine-print rules about how they can earn and use their rewards or points.

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