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Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
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Vermont Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Updated Apr 05, 2023   |   5 mins read

Vermont is a gorgeous Northeastern state that is both beautiful and rich in culture and people. For that reason, many come to this area for the beautiful snowy winter scenes and the educational institutes of higher learning. For those that do find themselves setting roots in this region of the country, there are other rewards as well, including the Vermont student loan forgiveness programs through state agencies. For more information on these programs, the following outlines the details and how you can apply.

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Primary Care Loan Forgiveness

The state of Vermont offers those that are in the primary care field the chance to earn monies toward their loan repayment. They allow them the opportunity to earn up to twenty-thousand dollars in loan forgiveness annually, if all requirements are met. Known as the Vermont Educational Loan Repayment Program for Primary Care Practitioners, this loan repayment opportunity is funded through a state agency. Specifically, it is funded by the state department of health. The goal, like so many similar state programs, is to help meet the ever-changing needs of those in the underserved populations of Vermont.

The requirements for this loan include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Must be a resident of the state of Vermont
  • Must be in a qualified medical field, including being a physician, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner of primary care or of psychiatry, or a physician assistant
  • Must work a minimum of twenty clinic hours a week for approximately forty-five weeks within a one year span
  • Must meet all licensure and certificate qualifications
  • Must work at a site that is considered in need and approved
  • Must make a two year commitment to this site

Must learn more by visiting here.

Nurses Loan Repayment Opportunity

The Vermont Educational Loan Repayment for Nurse Educators is an opportunity for those serving in the nursing education field the chance to earn up to twenty-thousand dollars annually.

This program requires that several different criteria are met, including the following:

  • Must be employed as a nurse educator at a qualifying institution of higher learning within the state of Vermont
  • Qualifying institutions include Norwich University, Southern Vermont College, Vermont Technical College, University of Vermont, and Castleton State College
  • Must live and be a resident of Vermont
  • Must serve at these locations for at least one year

For all of the different details, you can visit the website here.

Bar Association Loan Program

For those that have passed the state bar of Vermont, there is a reward available. The Vermont Bar Foundation provides a Loan Repayment Assistance Program that can earn up to five thousand a year in loan repayment monies. This assistance is given to those that are provide law and legal aid to the low-income and underserved populations of the state. Those that work for the office of the defender general may also qualify for loan assistance.

Other qualifications include the following:

  • Must have a current active law license to practice within the state
  • Must work at a location of employment that is approved and must be working full-time
  • Part-time employment may also qualify
  • Must have a salary that is under fifty-thousand dollars
  • Must have student loans due to law school, be it graduate or undergraduate level
  • Must meet all other qualifications which can be found here.

Educational Program in Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

Funded by the Vermont Department of Health, the goal of this loan repayment program is to reward nurses in the state who are working and serving in underserved areas.

Those that wish to apply for this Vermont Educational Loan Program for Nurses can earn up to ten-thousand annually if they promise to meet all of the following requirements, including:

  • Must be a resident of the state
  • Must work at least twenty hours in clinical rotation a week
  • Must meet the twenty hour weekly requirement forty-five weeks of the year
  • Must work at an approved employment site
  • Must make a commitment to work for at least one year and a maximum of two years
  • Must be an LPN or RN

For more information, those interested should visit the loan forgiveness website here.

Dental Reward Program

Loan forgiveness is not just for doctors and nurses. Dentists, too, can get in on the fun of loan forgiveness with the Vermont Educational Loan Program for Dentists. Earning up to twenty-thousand dollars annually, the Vermont Educational Loan Program for Dentists is funded via the State Department of Health. Like the other medical loan forgiveness programs, the goal of this program is to ensure that those in the state that are in underserved areas receive the oral care that they deserve.

The qualifications for this program include:

  • Being a Vermont resident
  • Meeting a twenty hour clinical rotation
  • Meeting the clinical hours at least forty-five weeks out of the year
  • Must serve at an approved employment site
  • Must make a two year commitment to serving the underserved
  • Must see and treat those with Medicaid
  • Must meet all other eligibility requirements that can be found here

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