Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial research influence how products appear on a page.
Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.
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How to Get the $200 Uber Credit from American Express Platinum Card

Updated Oct 12, 2020   |   4 mins read

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In March 2017, American Express launched a new benefit available to its Platinum cardholders. Any American Express Platinum cardholder can get a $200 annual credit with Uber along with Uber VIP status. Uber service is currently available in 83 countries and over 674 major cities around the world.

Consumers are using the service while traveling as well as a replacement for public transportation or taxi service in their home city. As a result, this benefit may be highly desirable for a wide variety of cardholders who already use Uber on a regular basis.

What is the Platinum Card from American Express?

The Platinum Card is among the premier cards offered to the best American Express customers. The annual fee for the card is $550, but cardholders receive a variety of benefits together valued above the $550 annual membership fee.

Many of the card benefits are geared towards cardholders who enjoy travel and entertainment. In addition to the $200 annual credit with Uber, cardholders can get a $200 airline fee credit, $100 credit towards TSA pre-check or global entry security screening, hotel benefits totaling up to $550, and 5 times the regular American Express membership rewards points.

How Does the Uber Credit Work?

American Express Platinum cardholders who already have their platinum card linked to their Uber account automatically receive the credit on their Uber account. Cardholders who do not have an Uber account should download the app to their smartphone and set up an Uber account.

Then, go into the Uber app and select the payment option from the options menu. Choose the credit or debit card payment option. Enter the Platinum Card from American Express as a payment source. After entering the card information, a notification automatically pops up letting you know that you’ve just unlocked your special cardholder benefit.

After unlocking the benefit, the entire $200 is not immediately available. Instead, Uber gives a credit of $15 each month from January through November, and the remaining $35 gets credited in December. Cardholders are also automatically granted Uber VIP status.

Typically, this status is reserved for frequent riders who have completed at least 100 Uber trips. Uber VIP service is only available in select locations, but it gives the user the option to choose VIP service from a driver with a rating above 4.8 out of 5 with a premium vehicle.

Important Terms and Conditions

There are a few important terms and conditions that anyone interested in the Platinum Card from American Express and its benefits needs to consider. First, the Uber credit is only good for service inside the United States.

The credit only applies to one Uber account, even if the credit card is used for payment on multiple Uber accounts. UberFAMILY profiles are not eligible to use the monthly account credit. The credit, however, can be applied to all levels of Uber rides as well as UberEATS orders. The discount must be used at the time of the transaction and cannot be applied to previous rides or transactions.

Second, the credit does not roll over into the next month. So, users can’t accrue credits for a few months with the intention of using them while traveling. Third, Uber VIP trips are usually more expensive than standard Uber rides. An Uber VIP ride request generally costs about the same amount as Uber Black service.

Applicants should consider the conditions of the other card benefits as well as the details of the Uber benefits. For example, the $200 airline fee credit only covers travel fees like checked bag fees and in-flight food and entertainment. The airline fee does not cover actual ticket prices, gift cards, or mileage purchases. In addition, the airline fee credit only applies to a select few airlines (though most major U.S. airlines are included).

In addition to the $550 annual membership fee, American Express charges $38 for late or returned payment penalties. There are no additional foreign transaction fees for purchases made outside the United States. American Express does not publish interest rates because Platinum cardholders are expected to pay all outstanding charges at the end of each month.