Best Mortgage Lenders

Finding the right mortgage lender can help to make your home more affordable. Check out our picks for the best mortgage lenders, including Better, SoFi, New American, Bank of America, and loanDepot.

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Auto Loan Refinance: Best Rates & Lenders

Most people borrow for their cars—but sometimes those loans are more expensive than they should be. Perhaps you didn’t shop around for your car loan initially, rates were higher, or your credit was lower at the time you bought and you were stuck with a bad credit auto loan. Whatever the reason, if you’re paying a […]

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Best Dental Insurance: Affordable Plans

Finding the right dental insurance plan is essential. Here are our picks for the 8 best dental insurance plans and the 5 best dental discount plans.

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Best Debt Settlement Companies

Debt settlement companies work to reduce your debt through a process of negotiation with your creditors. Before choosing to work with a particular company you need to understand the process, advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with each provider. In short, debt settlement involves negotiations with a creditor in which you offer them significantly less than [&he

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Best Debt Management Companies

A good debt management company can help you deal with unsecured debt, such as from credit cards or medical bills, that you’re having trouble repaying. These companies might be able to help you simplify payments, reduce interest expenses, and save money on fees.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies: Compare Coverage and Costs

To compare auto insurance companies, focus on customer review ratings, discounts, and premium prices.

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Best Home Warranty Companies

Want to make sure expensive repairs are covered at your home? Our picks for the best home warranty companies include The Home Service Club, AFC Home Club, Choice Home, Select Home, and American Home Shield.

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Best Identity Theft Protection

When looking for an identity theft protection service, there are many features to look for. Some of the top companies offer identity monitoring, control, and recovery services. This can help detect, prevent, and resolve identity theft and fraud.

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