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Is Redeeming Chase Rewards Points for Cash a Good Idea?

Updated Jun 14, 2023   |   3-min read

When it comes to rewards cards, Chase has been a long-time consumer favorite, and many of its products, specifically the Chase Freedom cards, are known for helping cardholders earn points for everyday purchases. Of course, the ability to earn rewards is only half the battle.

For avid Chase credit card users, the measure of success is found in redemption. And while Chase does offer numerous ways for rewards members to redeem their points, is redeeming chase credit card points for cash worth it? Or, as is the case with so many other credit card rewards programs, should cardholders consider other redemption avenues if they want to maximize the value of their points.

Redeeming Chase Credit Card Points for Cash Back

If you’re considering redeeming your Ultimate Rewards for cash back, you may want to think again. When converted to cash, points maintain a value of 1 cent per point. That means 1,000 points converts to just $10, and though that’s more attractive than some other major credit cards (some of which offer a .5 cent per point redemption rate), it remains one of the least lucrative ways to use your points.

Alternatives Redemption Options

Redeeming Chase Credit Card Points for Gift Cards

Ultimate Rewards points can also be redeemed for gift cards, and Chase currently partners with a variety of retailers. Unfortunately, if you weren’t enticed by the cash redemption rate, then gift cards are likely to leave you equally disappointed.

Most gift cards offer the same rate; however, cardholders will occasionally have the opportunity to take advantage of gift card deals, which can sweeten the reward ever so slightly. Apple gift cards, for example, were available at a discount, with a $10 gift card only requiring 900 points (.011 cent per dollar).

Redeeming Chase Credit Card Points on Amazon

Rewards members have yet another option to redeem their points as Chase’s partnership with Amazon extends beyond gift card opportunities. Those who have an Amazon account (or an Amazon credit card through Chase) can also use their points to do some online shopping by linking their Chase card with their Amazon account.

Is it the best way to use points? Not necessarily, as point values are similar to those associated with cash back and gift card redemptions – less than 1 cent per point. Additionally, though thousands of items qualify for this redemption option, the final call is made by Amazon, meaning not all products are eligible.

Transferring Chase Points to Travel Partners

Though travel booked through the Chase site might be a great option for specific cardholders, those with premier cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Plus cards, might find the best way to get the most value out of their points is to transfer them to one of Chase’s 13 travel partners. Ultimate Rewards points transfer to partner airlines and hotel groups at a 1:1 ratio, which typically means a much stronger conversion when compared to any other redemption offer.

However, keep in mind that this option is limited to those with a premier Chase card. If you find yourself in this position, then you may want to consider asking for an upgrade and transferring your Freedom points to the premium card.

Bottom Line

When it comes to getting the most value out of Chase Ultimate Rewards points, redeeming the points for cash or gift cards is typically not the best option; the same is true when it comes to shopping on Instead, if you really want to maximize your rewards and get the most from your points, consider booking travel within the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal, or transferring them to one of Chase’s travel partners.