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Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card Review

Updated Feb 28, 2022   |   4-min read

Some offers mentioned on this page may be outdated. To confirm offers and credit card details, check the issuer’s website.

Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card

Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card
on Raymour & Flanigan’s secure website
Editorial Rating

Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card

Editorial Rating

What we like:


Intro OfferSpecial intro financing
Rewards RateNone
Regular APR29.99%
Annual FeeNone
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  • Financing options for shopping at Raymour & Flanigan
  • ​All offers are subject to card approval on a Raymour & Flanigan credit card account
  • Financing offered through TD Bank


  • The standard purchase APR is 29.99% but may vary for offers


  • Different financing options available
  • ​Preferred financing is an offer where accounts without a prior balance don’t accrue interest if paid in full by the first due date
  • No annual fee


  • Financing offers require a minimum purchase amount, which ranges anywhere from $600 up to $6,000
  • High APR

Bonus Rewards

  • Won’t get bonus rewards with this card, but will get promotional offers

Rewards Points

  • No rewards points

Intro APR

  • Options include 60 or 72 months no interest with equal payments

Recommended Credit Score

  • As with most store cards and financing offers, lower credit scores may be approved


Raymour & Flanigan is a furniture store offering living room items, dining rooms, outdoor décor, and more. The chain is based in the northeast U.S., and there are currently more than 110 stores in the region. The company also has an e-commerce site.

Raymour & Flanigan offers financing options in the form of a credit card. The credit card is issued through TD Bank, although TD Bank has a separate retail card services site where customers go to manage their account and pay their bill.


For people interested in a Raymour & Flanigan credit card, there are different financing offers available. Currently, the following is an overview of some of their financing offers:

  • Preferred Financing: Standard APR applies, and if an account doesn’t have a previous balance, there’s no interest if it’s paid in full by the first due date.
  • ​72 Months No Interest with Equal Payments: This offer requires a minimum purchase of $7,200.
  • ​60 Months No Interest with Equal Payments: This credit offer requires a minimum purchase of $6,000.
  • ​48 Months No Interest with Equal Payments: The minimum purchase required for this offer is $4,800.
  • ​36 Months No Interest with Equal Payments: The minimum purchase requirement is $3,600.
  • No Interest if Paid in Full Within 18 Months: This offer requires no money down and no interest if paid in full within 18 months. The minimum purchase requirement is $2,400.
  • ​No Interest If Paid in Full within 6 Months: No money down is required with this offer and no interest is charged if it’s paid within six months. The minimum purchase is $600.
  • No Interest If Paid in Full Within 12 Months: This offer is available for purchases of at least $1,200.

The benefits of any of these financing programs are the zero-interest periods most of them have. Some of the no-interest periods are as long as 60 or 72 months. To qualify, you do have to go through a credit check. However, as with most store credit cards, the requirements are likely to be less stringent for approval as compared to other types of credit and financing.


There are a few downsides of these offers from Raymour & Flanigan. First, there are the minimum purchase requirements to take advantage of the offers. This can encourage customers to overspend.

Also, while there are great introductory APR periods, if someone can’t make their payments within that time frame they will have to pay a high APR. The APR for the cards issued by Raymour & Flanigan is currently 29.99%.

How It Compares

The Raymour & Flanigan Card is very similar to other retail cards. It’s good if you’re willing to meet the terms, but if you can’t for some reason, expect to pay very high interest costs.

The interest rates on retail credit cards and financing offers are almost always significantly higher than with any other type of card. This is something to be aware of. Raymour & Flanigan’s offers for their financing and credit cards is comparable to most retailers on the market.

Bottom Line

If you’re already planning a big furniture or home décor purchase, Raymour & Flanigan does have good financing offers available. These offers are basically same-as-cash for a period of time, and that period of time can range quite a bit.

However, be aware of what the spending minimums are and make sure you’re not overspending to take advantage of what seems like a good deal. Also, ensure that you’ll be able to get your purchase paid in full before the promotional APR period ends, otherwise you’ll have an APR of nearly 30%.

Prepare before shopping and know what the fine print says before using any of their promotional offers.