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Petplan vs. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Updated Nov 29, 2023   |   4-min read

Note: Petplan has rebranded to Fetch. The information below is still accurate as the product itself has not changed.

Pet insurance is a good way to offset any unexpected medical costs you may incur as a pet owner. If your animal is injured, sick, or requires diagnostic testing, insurance can cover a portion or even all of the costs of these services, as long as you’ve met your annual deductible.

Petplan and Healthy Paws are just two of the pet health insurance providers you can choose from. Having trouble deciding which one is best for your pet and finances? This Petplan vs. Healthy Paws pet insurance comparison can help.

In this comparison:

Healthy Paws

LendEDU Rating: 3.8/5

Healthy Paws also offers insurance for cats and dogs, with unlimited maximums for all covered services. Those include things like treatment for hereditary conditions and congenital conditions, alternative therapies (acupuncture and chiropractic care), and even hip dysplasia coverage for pets under age 6.


LendEDU Rating: 4.9/5

Petplan offers insurance plans for both cats and dogs. What sets the insurer apart from other options is its coverage of non-routine dental work (extractions, root canals, etc.) and behavioral treatments. Unlike other insurers, Petplan has no upper age limit for coverage, though it does say reimbursements may be more limited for animals over 10 years old.

Healthy Paws vs. Petplan: Coverage comparison

Healthy PawsPetplan
Plan Effective DateNext dayNext day
Waiting Period for Injury/Illness15 days15 days
Age Limits6 weeks to 14 years*6 weeks+
Emergency CareYesYes
Exams FeesNoYes
Wellness & Routine CoverageNoNo
Non-Routine Dental WorkNoYes
Euthanasia, Burial, & CremationNoNo
Spay/Neuter CoverageNoNo
Vaccination CoverageNoNo
Alternative/Holistic CoverageYesYes
Behavioral Disorder CoverageNoYes
Diagnostic TestingYesYes
Choose Your VeterinarianYesYes
Visit ProviderView RatesView Rates

*This upper-age limit is only enforced for new enrollments. If your pet was enrolled before the age of 15, it will remain eligible.

Most pet insurance providers have similar insurance policies, with only slight differences in coverage and costs. If you’re finding it difficult to discern which insurer might be best for your animal’s needs, the scenarios below can help guide you.

If you want fast reimbursement

If getting reimbursed for your vet bills fast is your ultimate goal, Healthy Paws is likely your best bet. The insurer says it pays the majority of its claims out within 10 days. Petplan has a longer window for payouts at 30 days.

>> Learn more on Healthy Paws’ website.

If you want low deductibles

Of the two insurers, Healthy Paws offers the lower deductibles. Deductibles start at $100 per year, compared to $250 for Petplan’s lowest-deductible option

>> Learn more on Healthy Paws’ website.

If you have an older pet

Many pet insurance companies have age limits in place. Medical costs tend to increase as animals age. While Healthy Paws is one such insurer (it won’t cover animals past 14 years if not enrolled prior to the pet turning that page), Petplan does not have an age maximum for coverage.

>> Learn more on Petplan’s website.

If you want behavioral coverage

Behavioral issues like digging, soiling the carpet, and even separation anxiety can be difficult and expensive to treat. Though most insurers do not offer coverage for these types of treatments (Healthy Paws included), Petplan does. The insurer’s plans include up to $1,000 in annual coverage toward behavioral therapies.

>> Learn more on Petplan’s website.

If you want the most financial protection

Healthy Paws plans have no caps or maximums (even the lowest-cost plans). There are no per-incident limits and no annual or lifetime caps either. This could equate to significant savings should your pet develop a serious medical condition or need multiple surgeries or treatments. While Petplan does offer an annual unlimited coverage option, it’s only available on the highest-cost plan—not across the board, as with Healthy Paws’ options.

>> Learn more on Healthy Paws’ website.

Where to find other pet insurance alternatives

There are dozens of pet insurance companies on the market, so make sure to shop around if you want the best deal. If you’re looking for preventative coverage, you might also consider a pet wellness plan. These cover veterinary bills for things like vaccinations, heartworm medication, and more. Check out our guide to the best pet insurance companies to see all your options.

How we rated Healthy Paws and Petplan

Our Healthy Paws and Petplan scores were based on the weighted average of multiple data points, including waiting periods, benefit limits, customer reviews, and more.