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Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
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Minnesota Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Updated Apr 06, 2023   |   4 mins read

For Minnesotans, there are several reasons to come to the state. Aside from the people, sports, and educational institutes, there are many Minnesota student loan forgiveness programs. The following outlines a few of these programs and how to apply if you wish to earn money toward your educational debt.

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Dental Loan Program

Those that are practicing dentistry in the state of Minnesota may be eligible for loan forgiveness up to one-hundred thousand dollars across forty-eight months. The Minnesota Loan Forgiveness Program has an end goal of retaining qualified dentists to work with the underserved populations in the state.

The program is not just for current dentists. It is open to all those in their residency portion of their accreditation, current dental students, and those actively practicing. There has to be an agreement made, however, that upon completion of educational programs, licenses in the state of Maine will be obtained and the dentist will work with those who are financially strapped when it comes to dental costs. All of these details and how to apply can be found here.

Primary Care Assistance and Loan Repayment

For an up to forty-thousand dollars across twenty-four months, those who practice Primary Care in the state of Minnesota may be eligible for loan repayment. The Minnesota State Loan Repayment Program works to recruit and retain primary care physicians who work within the state in areas of need and with underserved populations.

All criteria must be met and includes:

  • Being a US citizen
  • Holding all licenses and certifications to practice in the state
  • Must have student loan debt that can be verified and is in good standing
  • Must not have any other obligations or commitments
  • Must have no felony convictions or federal liens
  • Must not have ever been disciplined or reprimanded by a board certifying agency
  • Must be current and in good standing when it comes to child support payments
  • Must be working at an approved HPSA site
  • Must meet all other rules and regulations found here

Rural Area Physicians Program

For those who want one-hundred thousand dollars in loan forgiveness, and are a physician serving the population in Minnesota, there is a great program to help. The Minnesota Rural Physician Loan Forgiveness Program helps to recruit individuals in the state that work in HPSA areas.

They can earn monies if they meet the following:

  • Work in an approved field of medicine
  • Have all proper licenses in good standing to practice medicine
  • Must serve in a rural and underserved community
  • Must have verifiable debt
  • Meet all other criteria found here

Metropolitan and Urban Loan Forgiveness for Physicians

Much like the rural version of the program, the Minnesota Urban Physician Loan Forgiveness Program provides one-hundred thousand dollars in aid to physicians in the state. Individuals who wish to apply must have a qualifying program of study and be practicing in an approved field. They must also work at an approved site that has been named as an HPSA site. The additional details can be found here.

Rural Practitioner Loan Program

The Minnesota Rural Midlevel Practitioner Loan Forgiveness Program offers approximately twenty-eight thousand dollars in aid to physicians in the state. The loan program is for those that work in the health care field and are working in a qualified program, including midwives, nurse anesthetists, physician assistants, and others. Those that are practicing medicine must have all licenses and be in good standing in the state. They must have educational loans as well. The other criteria can be found here.

Law Program for Minnesotans Debt Relief

The Minnesota Loan Repayment Assistance Program for Law provides individuals who have studied law and work within the state some relief for their debt owed. Specifically, the program is geared toward those who work in the areas of public interest and who have graduated from an accredited program.

Those that wish to apply must meet the following criteria, including:

  • Graduating from a Minnesota Law Program OR
  • Graduating from an ABA approved program outside of the state
  • Must work full-time in a nonprofit organization that deals primarily with low-income individuals
  • Income guidelines do apply, which can be found here

Dental Program Loan Repayment Program

For dentists in Minnesota, the Minnesota Dental Foundation has funding opportunities to help relieve dental school debt. This program provides a varying amount to approved applicants for up to five years, if they meet all qualifications.

These requirements include:

  • Working in a dental care HPSA site
  • Having a license to practice dentistry in the state
  • If an individual does not have a license in good standing, they must be able to get one within nine months
  • Must have loan debt and must be able to provide proof
  • Must be working full-time for five years
  • Must be a part of the DDS and GKAS programs

Must meet all other requirements here.

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