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Maine Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Updated Apr 06, 2023   |   4-min read

Those that work in the state of Maine find that it has a rustic northeastern charm. Known for lobsters and fishing communities, Maine is a popular spot for vacations and for setting up life. Whether you are a Mainer that has lived in the state your whole life or you are building a new career here, there is an additional incentive to move.

There are several Maine student loan forgiveness programs that one may be eligible for if they meet the criteria of the programs. Check out the details below. We have put together a comprehensive guide to student loan forgiveness, where you can learn more about the topic.

Educators for Maine Loan Program

The Educators for Maine Loan Program offers financial reimbursement for loan debt payment for those in the education field. Those educators that can apply can work at both public and private schools, be speech pathologists, and be other specialized staff within the state of Maine. The Educators for Maine Loan Program offers individuals the chance to be rewarded for their service in the educational field. Some childcare providers are also eligible to receive an award.

Those individuals wishing to apply should meet at least these qualifications:

  • Be a certified teacher and educator in the state of Maine
  • Must work in a qualified field in a designated locale
  • Must be employed at the appropriate type of educational institution
  • Can also be a child care provider if all requirements are met
  • Must meet all other requirements found here

Health Professionals Loan Program

The health professionals in the state of Maine are eligible for the Main Health Professions Loan Program Forgiveness Program. Known as the Main Health Professionals Loan Program, this is a grant given to those in the state of Maine who meet care requirements, residency restrictions, and all other criteria of the program. The amount varies in how much it provides an awardee, but the amount can be very helpful toward eliminating debt.

In order to be eligible, all individuals must:

  • Must work in a health care professional shortage area
  • Must provide assistance and care to an underserved population in the state
  • Must have all of the proper schooling and certification in the state of Maine
  • Veterinarians may also be eligible if helping to work in an area that is underserved
  • All other requirements can be found by clicking this link

Veterinary Professionals Program

For those who began their careers in a veterinary medicine program after 2011 are eligible for the Maine Veterinary Medicine Loan Program. This is a program that is need-based, meaning that it relies heavily on the debt to income ratio of those that apply.

For those that are in this field and working Maine, all of the details can be found here, and the basic criterion includes:

  • Must practice veterinary medicine
  • Must be working full-time in Maine
  • Must work in an area that is designated as a shortage area
  • Must work in veterinary medicine or with livestock
  • Must have all necessary licenses and be in good standing in the state

Dentistry and Dental Education Loan Forgiveness Program

For those that wish to earn up to twenty-five percent of their debt from student loans back, there is help in the Main Dental Education Loan Repayment Program. This program is open to all those that have loan debt from dental school and are working in an underserved area of the state. All of the criteria for this loan can be found here.

Lawyer Loan Repayment Program

For those that are working in law in the state of Maine, there is help for law school debt. With a program known as the Maine Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Assistance Program, an individual can earn up to five thousand dollars per year. The lawyers must be in a field of public service and helping those that are underserved or unable to secure financial resources for high priced legal defenses and prosecutions. Those that work for public agencies and nonprofits are both eligible, if they meet all of the other criteria. This criterion can be found here.

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