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Credit Cards

Lumber Liquidators Credit Card Review

Updated Jan 22, 2024   |   4-min read

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Card Details

  • Interest-free financing options of 6 or 12 months at Lumber Liquidators
  • ​Access to exclusive discounts and offers
  • ​Card is financed by Synchrony Bank
  • ​You can purchase Optional Card Security, which will cover payments or even your entire outstanding balance up to $10,000 if you meet certain conditions
  • Manage your account online 24/7


  • 29.99%


  • If you have a lot of lumber to buy, this card gives you interest-free financing options of 6 or 12 months
  • ​The card will give you access to discounts at Lumber Liquidators
  • The online application is fast and easy


  • The interest is deferred, so if you don’t pay the amount in full by the end of the interest-free period, you’ll have all that back interest added to your account
  • ​The APR is very high
  • To qualify for the interest-free period, your purchases must be made on one receipt

Bonus Rewards

  • None

Rewards Points

  • None

Intro APR

  • There is no intro APR, but there are special financing options.

Recommended Credit Score

  • Since this is a store card, you may be able to qualify even if you only have fair credit.

Putting new flooring down in your house can be a major undertaking. Even if you plan to do the work yourself, you can expect to spend a good amount, depending upon how many rooms you’re planning to do.

The Lumber Liquidators credit card provides an option to make the purchase all at once and pay it off interest-free over the course of six or 12 months.

Lumber Liquidators Credit Card Benefits

The Lumber Liquidators card provides exclusive discounts and offers to cardholders, which is one nice perk.

More importantly, it gives you some attractive financing options. If your purchase remains under $1,000, you may qualify for a six-month, interest-deferred period in which you only have to make minimum monthly payments.

If your qualifying purchase amount runs from $1,000 to $1,999.99, you can have 12 months to pay off that amount with the deferred-interest deal.

If you’re making an in-store purchase of $2,000 or more, you can qualify for 48-month financing at a 6.99% APR. There aren’t any penalties for paying off that amount beforehand.

Lumber Liquidators Credit Card Downsides

One significant downside is the 29.99% APR this card carries. That’s the highest APR you’re likely to find in a credit card. If you get hit with the deferred interest because you didn’t pay your balance off in time, you’ll likely regret your purchase.

You don’t want your flooring purchase to end up costing you hundreds more than you expected.

How Lumber Liquidators Card Compares to Similar Cards

As with many store credit cards, there are often better credit cards out there. For people who need six or 12 months to pay off their flooring purchases, this credit card could be a good option if you make all your payments on time and can finish paying off the balance before the higher interest rate kicks in.

But other bank credit cards offer a better deal for cardholders. They can provide no-interest or low-interest introductory periods, or other perks like cash back or travel miles.

If you don’t have a solid credit history though, this card might give you a chance to rebuild your credit score. Store cards like this are generally easier to get than bank credit cards, even if your credit isn’t great. So, if you can’t get another card and you don’t have the money to pay for your flooring up front, this might be a good solution for you. Just be certain to pay off the balance before your deferred-interest period is up. And never send a late payment.

Bottom Line

The deferred interest might be a good deal for you – but it could easily be a bad one. If you’re diligent about paying bills, and you know you could chip away at the monthly total before your six or 12 months were up, you might want to consider the Lumber Liquidators credit card. But if you’re not as disciplined, you might want to avoid this card and its long-term high APR.