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Credit Cards

How to Check Your Citi Credit Card Application Status

Updated Jun 14, 2023   |   3-min read

Citi, a large global financial services company, offers a handful of credit card options that might fit the bill for what you need from a card. While many applications are approved immediately, there are circumstances in which Citi takes a little extra time to process and review a new credit card application. Not receiving an immediate approval does not mean you are denied; it may mean you have to check in with Citi to check your application status.

If you have recently applied for a credit card with Citi, you have two options for checking your application status with the card issuer. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Check Citi Credit Card Application Status

There are two ways to check your credit card application status with Citi: by phone or through the company’s online platform.

By Phone

If you did not receive an immediate approval for your new Citi credit card application, contacting the company by phone to check the status may be your best bet. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Call the customer service line for Citi at 1-888-201-4523
  • For Costco Citi credit cards, call the dedicated customer service line at 1-877-343-4118
  • Enter your Social Security number once prompted

Once this information is submitted, Citi will automatically share the status of your credit card application.


If you prefer to check your Citi credit card application status online, you can do so easily. Here are the steps:

  • Visit the Citi online application status page
  • Enter your application ID (this would have been sent to you via email after applying)
  • Enter your ZIP code to verify your identity
  • Click ‘Check Your Status’

Once this information is entered, the online system provides you with your credit card application status online.

After submitting your application for a new credit card, you may receive an approval immediately. If you do not, you are able to call and check the status of your card application a few hours after your application has been transmitted. In most cases, Citi typically processes credit card applications within 10 business days.

Your credit card application status may return as approved, pending, or declined. If approved, you can expect to receive your new Citi credit card within 14 days via regular mail. If your application is pending, continue to check the status until an approval or decline is generated.

When applications are declined, you have an opportunity to have Citi reconsider your application. To do this, call Citi at 1-888-201-4523. You will need to provide detailed information as to why you think you should be approved for the credit card, and you may be asked to provide documentation to back up your case.

The Bottom Line

Citi offers a variety of credit card options with different perks and rewards, and credit cards are available to those with fair, good, and excellent credit. If you apply for a new Citi credit card and do not receive an immediate approval, know that you can easily check the status of your application online or over the phone.

Be patient during the process, as Citi can take up to 10 business days to provide a response. If you are declined for a new credit card with Citi, you do have the option to plead your case through the reconsideration line.