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Credit Cards

How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

Updated Jun 14, 2023   |   3-min read

One of the great things about applying online for a credit card is you can get a decision within a matter of minutes. Sometimes, however, it can take a bit longer to get an answer. If you have recently applied for a Chase credit card and got a message saying your application is still pending a review, there are a couple of things you can do rather than continue waiting for an answer.

New Customers: Checking Application Status by Phone

Chase does not have a way to get additional information online about your credit card application, but it has a telephone number that allows you to check the status of your application. Call the Chase automated telephone helpline at 888-338-2586. Enter your social security number at the prompt, and wait for the automated update on your Chase application status.

Existing Chase Customers: Checking Application Status Online

Although there is technically not an online method for checking a new credit card application status for either new Chase customers or existing Chase customers, there may be a way to get information about new credit approval prior to any official notification receipt. If your Chase credit card application was denied or is still pending, there is no way to get information online.

If your account was approved, you may be able to see this through your online customer portal. The new credit account may show up when you login to your existing Chase credit card account or online banking account. Sometimes this can happen a few days before you receive a decision electronically or in the mail.

Application Reconsideration

If your application has been denied, you can call Chase’s reconsideration line and request they reconsider. You can even call the reconsideration line if your application status remains in the pending review status for a few days. By calling the reconsideration line, you may be able to get an immediate decision while on the phone.

For Chase application reconsideration of personal cards, you can call customer service from 7 am–10 pm EST Monday through Friday, 8 am–10 pm EST Saturday, and 9 am-9 pm EST on Sunday. Applicants requesting reconsideration of a Chase business credit card can call their customer service number from 8 am-10 pm EST on Monday through Friday.

Reasons for the Application Pending Review Status

One of the biggest reasons an application gets put into the pending review status is inconsistent information on the application and credit report. For example, if the name or address on the application does not exactly match what is listed on the credit report, it can prevent an immediate decision.

Chase representatives may need more information or clarification from an applicant regarding the reasons for the discrepancies. In addition, banks may require verification of the income listed on the application. In such cases, the applicant may need to send over pay stubs or tax returns before the credit decision can be completed.

Another major reason an application may be marked as pending review is if there are signs of suspected fraudulent activity. A credit report that shows a high number of recent credit inquiries or new accounts could be the result of fraud or identity theft. As a result, the bank will flag the application for review rather than approving the credit application.

In these cases, you’ll just need to call in order to verify your identity and intent to apply for the new credit card. Not getting an immediate online response to your Chase credit card application can be a hassle, but the delay is often for the customer’s protection and can be cleared up with a simple phone call.