Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial research influence how products appear on a page.
Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.
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How Does Paribus Work? Our Full Review

Updated Sep 29, 2021   |   4 mins read

Several websites offer the advantage of comparing prices before you purchase an item. This ensures you get the best deal possible. With Paribus, this is taken a step further by allowing you to track your purchases over a 30-day period, as a way of ensuring that you did in fact get the best deal.

How Does Paribus Work?

Paribus is a handy tool that allows you to identify your purchases for the last 30 days, based solely on confirmation emails sent to your inbox. Purchases older than 30 days do not qualify. This program will detect purchases, monitor them, and then compare coupons and prices in real time. Instead of contacting the store for a price adjustment yourself, Paribus does this on your behalf by submitting claims so you can get your refunds.

How Does the Refund Happen?

Once Paribus notices a price that was more than what you should have paid, it emails the company for you to request a refund. You don’t have to do any of the work. Once the retailer refunds the money, it is sent to the original form of payment you used when shopping at the store. For instance, if you used a credit card to make the purchase, the refund goes back on that specific card. There are only two times that you will be notified during the process when a claim is filed and is successful.

Are There Any Fees?

There are no fees associated with Paribus; it is a completely free service.

Without Paribus you would have to contact each company on your own, go through each store’s procedure, keep your receipts, and so on. However, by the time you do all that, plus keep track of different pricing, you would be spending way too much time. No one wants to spend that much time to dedicate to that process. Obviously, this makes Paribus seem pretty helpful.

Amazon and Paribus

While Paribus works with Amazon as well, the process is somewhat different. Amazon does not have a price protection policy, so Paribus users cannot get a credit on Amazon purchases. However, Paribus does offer the chance to get a refund from Amazon under certain conditions.

If Amazon ships an item to a customer with a guaranteed delivery date and the product is not delivered by this date, then Paribus customers may be eligible for a refund of shipping costs on that particular order. Additionally, Amazon Prime members might be able to get an extension on their membership (one extra month for monthly members, a year for annual members, and Amazon student members are ineligible).

Security Risks

Fortunately, there are no real security risks with Paribus. This company utilizes strict security with bank-grade encryption. Although information always has the potential to be hacked, any risk associated with Paribus is significantly diminished, as they take serious security precautions.

Additionally, Paribus does not offer information to third parties. If the only thing stopping you from using Paribus is a concern about your email information being shared, you can always create a new email account solely for purchases. This account can store all your receipts associated with your debit or credit card. Paribus will scan the receipts from that email, giving you added peace of mind.

Paribus Looks Out for You

Most people do not realize that if an item goes on sale after being purchased, stores will typically refund the difference in price, but only if they ask within two to three weeks of the purchase date. Because Paribus stays on the lookout for you, there is nothing to worry about. The only thing required for this company to do the work, is for you to allow them to link your email to Paribus.

Once the account is set up, the company will have access to scan your inbox and even your search bar for any receipts that have the potential for a refund. Once an email is found, the Paribus server and technology does the work.

With prices on the rise everywhere, including clothing, groceries, and more, a piece of technology like Paribus is ideal for changing the lives of many people. For example, you found a pair of shoes that you really wanted, so you made the decision to spend the $50. However, one week later, those exact shoes go on sale for $30. Paribus is able to scan the receipt for that purchase from your email, send a claim to the company, and as a result, you receive the $15 back that you can save or use on another purchase.

Paribus will make your life easier by putting money back in your wallet where it belongs.

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