Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial research influence how products appear on a page.
Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.
Credit Cards

Goodyear Credit Card Review

Updated Feb 28, 2022   |   4 mins read

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Card Details

  • If your purchase exceeds $250, you’ll have the opportunity for special financing options
  • ​You’ll be given money-saving offers you can take advantage of
  • ​You can get money back on certain sets of tires and their installation
  • ​If you use your Goodyear Credit Card at qualifying stores, you can save $5 off an oil change
  • Your cardholder status entitles you to free tire rotations at certain stores


  • The purchase APR is 30.24% and the cash variable APR won’t be more than 29.99%


  • If you’re in a temporary pinch, you can use this card to get a cash advance, although you’ll have to pay fees to do so
  • ​If you buy tires online, you can get exclusive savings
  • You can use this card throughout the country in over 6,100 locations


  • The APR is extremely high for this card
  • ​This card has a late payment penalty of $38
  • This card may be a little harder to qualify for than some other store cards are

Bonus Rewards

  • None

Rewards Points

  • None

Intro APR

  • None

Recommended Credit Score

  • 620+

If you have a lot of brand loyalty to Goodyear and it’s your go-to place to get your vehicle’s tires, you might want to check into the Goodyear Credit Card. Although it does have a major drawback with its high APR, it also offers a few perks for cardholders.


If you don’t have the money to put down to get your tires replaced, you can finance purchases of more than $250 for up to 6 months with no interest. That can help take the sting out of the expense of new tires.

All cardholders—existing and new—will get rebate offers they can mail in after completing. In addition, there are smaller perks that add up, such as free tire rotations at certain stores, discounts on oil changes, and the ability to buy tires online with special savings.

The card also offers fraud liability benefits.

Finally, it can boost your credit score if you make your payments on time each month because the Goodyear card does report to credit bureaus.


The APR is higher than you’d get with some of the best credit cards. And like other store cards that offer 6-month financing, if you don’t pay off your full balance within the no-interest timeframe, you’ll be hit with all that deferred interest at once.

If you only own one car in your household and you don’t put many miles on your vehicle, you might not think that owning this card will be worth your time—especially when you can find a more versatile card to carry instead. This one won’t offer you a sign-up bonus or rewards program.

While it’s nice that the card offers the cash advance option if you find yourself in a true emergency and don’t have access to other cash sources, you’ll rack up additional fees if you use this feature. Cash advance features are nice for those who don’t often take advantage of them and use them only for emergencies, but they can be a major drain on finances for those who tap them often.

How It Compares to Similar Cards

This card offers more benefits than some other store cards do. And those benefits can save you money, particularly if you’re brand loyal to Goodyear. So if you’re disciplined when it comes to your finances and have no doubt you’d pay off that balance by the time your 6 months are up, this might be a workable option for you.

If you’re not good about paying things off in time, however, you might want to check out another card that offers a no-interest introductory period on charges, because you don’t want that deferred interest to kick in.

Bottom Line

Store cards are not always the best deal because of the high APRs they carry, but this one does have some real benefit to it because of the perks it offers, as long as it is used responsibly. If you’re careful with your finances and you love the Goodyear brand, it could be useful for you. But remember to pay off the full balance so you don’t end up sabotaging your finances with all that interest.