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Credit Cards

Requesting a Credit Limit Increase on a Discover Card

Updated Mar 10, 2023   |   4-min read

Discover is a large credit union as well as the third largest credit card brand in the United States. Discover has fifty million cardholders in the United States with a range of card options and offers ranging from student cardscash back rewards cards, to travel rewards cards. If you have a Discover card, you may be wondering about increasing the limit on your card.

A credit card limit is the amount that you are permitted to charge or borrow against the card.

When you first apply for a credit card, the company will assign a credit card limit based on its underwriting criteria. Over time, the company may choose to raise or lower the credit limit based on how you use the card.

Why Would You Raise Your Credit Limit?

There are a number of reasons that a person may want to request a credit limit increase; for instance, you may want to lower their credit utilization ratio, need to make a large purchase, or simply want the capacity to earn more rewards. While increasing a card limit can be a smart move, it should be done thoughtfully to avoid taking on additional debt.

How to Raise Your Credit Line With Discover

For most people, a Discover credit limit increase can be requested directly through the Discover website. Residents of Ohio or New York and anyone filling out a joint application will have to call Discover’s customer service number on the back of your card.

If you are going through the Discover website, the process is simple. Log into your account online. Click on “Manage” near the top center of the screen, and from the drop down menu, choose “Credit Line Increase.” You will then be directed to an application for a credit line increase. This page will show your current limit, your cash advance credit line, and the balance available in both your credit limit and your cash advance limit.

To apply for a Discover credit line increase, you will be required to enter in basic information including your total annual gross income, employer name (or additional information if you are self-employed), and the amount of your monthly housing or rent payment. One you have entered in all of the necessary information, simply hit the submit button and the application will be processed.

Credit Limit Increase Approval Process

To determine if a card user is eligible for a credit limit increase, Discover will likely request a credit bureau report from one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equinox, or TransUnion). Discover will use the information in the report to determine if you are eligible for an increase. Pulling this report can negatively impact your credit score since it is considered a hard pull.

If you are approved, then you will have a higher limit on your credit card or cash advance.

The best way to approve your chances of being approved for a credit increase is to improve your overall credit score. You can do so by making regular, on-time payments with your current cards and other bills. Strengthening your credit score will lead to a better likelihood of approval.

Why Should You Want a Higher Credit Score?

A higher credit limit can actually improve your credit score. One of the key factors in a credit score is credit utilization ratio which is one of the five elements that goes into your credit score. It examines how much total debt you have compared to available credit.

In other words, if you have $5,000 in credit card debt and have a credit card limit of $5,500, then you have a high utilization ratio because you are using up most of the debt available to you (approximately 90 percent). On the other hand, if you obtain a credit limit increase to $10,000 while still owing $5,000, then your utilization ratio will drop significantly to 50 percent. That would theoretically drop your credit score provided that you do not use your increased credit limit to take on more debt using credit cards.

Requesting a credit limit increase through Discover is a relatively simple process. If done appropriately, it can even help improve your credit score and be beneficial to your overall financial health.