Credit Score Simulator

LendEDU created our credit score simulator as an educational tool to help consumers better understand how financial decisions and changes can impact creditworthiness.

We hope that you find our tool helpful, but you must understand that our tool is a simplified expression. Our credit score simulator is not designed to guarantee any credit score changes in the future.

Our tool is not capable of providing exact estimates and you should not make any financial decisions based on the output from our simulator.

If you have a question or concern about our simulator please email [email protected]

How to Use This Credit Score Simulator

To use this credit score simulator, simply choose your estimated credit score and input your credit limit and total credit card balance(s). 

Next, check the boxes next to the actions that you think you may take such as “Pay off all balances in full” or “Miss a payment on any credit account.” Note that some options may require additional information.

Once you have checked the boxes of all of the actions you anticipate taking, hit the “Simulate Credit Score” button to see the results.

LendEDU's Credit Score Simulator

Find out how certain financial moves may change your credit score.


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