College Personal Finance Course

College Personal Finance Course 101

Section 1: Introduction

   Welcome! (Video)

   Why We Created This Course

Section 2: Mandatory Expenses in College

   Introduction: Tuition and Room & Board

   Textbooks (Video)



   Furnishing Your Dorm

Section 3: Other Expenses in College

   Introduction (Video)

   Events for Entertainment

   Personal Entertainment

   Clubs & Organizations

   Parking & Transportation 

Section 4: Creating a Budget in College


   Step 1 - Calculate Income

   Step 2 - Calculate Expenses

   Step 3 - Calculate Debt

   Step 4 - Calculate Savings

   Step 5 - Balance Your Budget (Video)


Section 5: Using a Checking Account

   Introduction (Video)

   Choosing and Opening a Checking Account

   Using Your Checking Account

   Benefits of a Checking Account


Section 6: Building Credit

   Introduction (Video)

   How to Start Building Credit

   Tips for Building Credit

   Why Credit Matters


Section 7: Student Loans

   Introduction (Video)

   Student Loans 101

   Paying Interest While in School

   Other Tips for Managing Student Loans

   Refinancing and Consolidation (Video)


Section 8: Making Money in College

   Introduction (Video)

   Get a Local Job

   Find a Job On Campus



Section 9: Final Thoughts

   You're On Your Way!

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