College Personal Finance Course 101

Section 1: Introduction

   Welcome! (Video)

   Why We Created This Course

Section 2: Mandatory Expenses in College

   Introduction: Tuition and Room & Board

   Textbooks (Video)



   Furnishing Your Dorm

Section 3: Other Expenses in College

   Introduction (Video)

   Events for Entertainment

   Personal Entertainment

   Clubs & Organizations

   Parking & Transportation 

Section 4: Creating a Budget in College


   Step 1 - Calculate Income

   Step 2 - Calculate Expenses

   Step 3 - Calculate Debt

   Step 4 - Calculate Savings

   Step 5 - Balance Your Budget (Video)


Section 5: Using a Checking Account

   Introduction (Video)

   Choosing and Opening a Checking Account

   Using Your Checking Account

   Benefits of a Checking Account


Section 6: Building Credit

   Introduction (Video)

   How to Start Building Credit

   Tips for Building Credit

   Why Credit Matters


Section 7: Student Loans

   Introduction (Video)

   Student Loans 101

   Paying Interest While in School

   Other Tips for Managing Student Loans

   Refinancing and Consolidation (Video)


Section 8: Making Money in College

   Introduction (Video)

   Get a Local Job

   Find a Job On Campus



Section 9: Final Thoughts

   You're On Your Way!

Welcome to your College Personal Finance 101 Course Quiz

What is tuition?
New textbooks can cost anywhere between:
Which of the following is NOT a way mentioned above to save on your textbooks?
Which of the following was NOT mentioned as a mandatory expense in college?
Which of the following was NOT mentioned as another expense in college?
When calculating your income, which methods should you consider?
What percentage of graduates have some form of student loan debt?
Which formula will help you solve for your budget?
The first step to building credit is to sign up for a credit card.
Freelancing is a good method to use to make money while you attend school.