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Credit Cards

How to Check Citizens Bank Credit Card Application Status

Updated Jun 13, 2023   |   5-min read

In the United States, Citizens Bank offers two credit cards to customers: the Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus® World Mastercard® and the Citizens Bank Clear Value® Mastercard®. Both cards offer perks to borrowers, with the Clear Value card featuring a lower ARP while the cash back card offers 1.8% back on all purchases. 

Cards from banks aside from Citizens Bank may be used for balance transfers and introductory APRs, they may have low or no annual fees, low foreign transaction fees, competitive interest rates, and they may have varying perks that come with them such as statement credits and certain cash rewards.

Before choosing a Citizens Bank card, consider which product is right for you and make sure Citizens offers the best option for your needs. Other things to consider when choosing a credit card include any relationship bonus options, zero liability protection, and price protection.  

If you decide a Citizens card is right for you and you apply for either card, you may need to wait up to a month until a decision has been made on your online application as Citizens is looking at your credit history. While most decisions are made within seven to 10 days, the card issuer may take longer if it needs additional time to determine your creditworthiness. Citizens Bank may also ask you for additional details and documentation to support your application if the bank is unsure of whether to approve you for a card.

It can be frustrating to wait in limbo while you’re uncertain if your credit card application will be approved. You don’t want to give up hope if you don’t get instant approval, as many people do end up being in good standing and getting approved in the end, even after a wait. However, you may want to find out if you’re still in the running for a card so you can move on if you’re not approved. If you don’t have good credit you may still be approved but you may get less competitive rates and your variable APR may be higher than a more creditworthy borrower. 

You can check the status of your credit card application to find out whether the company received all the necessary documents and how your application is moving through the process.  

How to Check a Citizens Bank Credit Card Application Status

When you apply for a Citizens Bank personal credit card online, a confirmation page will appear on your screen. It could take several minutes for the confirmation page to appear, and Citizens Bank urges you not to refresh your browser during this time.

This confirmation page will attest to the fact that your application has been properly received and is going to move through the process to be approved or denied. However, it does not tell you exactly how long it will take before you get a decision. And, since the time frame for a decision can be anywhere from seven days to 30 days, there’s a lot of uncertainty as to when you’ll hear back from Citizens Bank.

Although Citizens Bank has a helpful website with information about applying for a credit card and also offers an online chat tool, you cannot check the status of a credit card application online. Instead, if you want to find out what’s currently going on with your credit card application, you will need to contact customer service via phone. 

The phone number to call to find out if all the documents have been received and to find out your application status is 1-866-991-0101. Customer service representatives are available at that number from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. eastern time.

When you call to find out your application status, you should be prepared to provide some basic information so the customer service representative can look up your application and you can prove your identity. This could include your Social Security number, your full name, your residential address, and your telephone number.

Checking Your Application Status is Helpful

Checking your Citizens Bank application status is helpful because you may discover the card issuer is waiting on some documents in order to determine if you should be approved for a credit card or not. If this occurs, you can take swift action to provide those documents. You can also get more information about whether your application is still being considered and how much longer the application process is likely to take.

While you’re probably impatiently waiting to find out about card approval, resist the urge to apply for a different card or even something like a personal loan as you wait. Doing so could damage your credit, and you’d likely end up having to wait to hear back on that card as well. Instead, be patient with Citizens Bank, call to keep tabs on your application, and wait for your request to open a card to either be approved or denied for credit approval.

If you were denied a credit card from Citizens Bank and would like to compare additional options, you can view our Best Credit Cards page. Be sure to refrain from applying for too many cards at once and make sure you correct the issues for your denial before applying elsewhere.