Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial research influence how products appear on a page.
Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.
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Choice Home Warranty Review

Updated Mar 09, 2022   |   3 mins read

Maintaining a home can be expensive, and when unexpected repairs, replacements, and renovations pop up, many homeowners are faced with lofty yet unavoidable bills.

To help with this problem, Choice Home Warranty has offered homeowners an affordable solution for the past decade: a warranty that covers a variety of common appliances and systems to protect homeowners from expensive repair bills when they break.

While the company does promise that customers will “never pay for covered home repairs again,” aside from the service fee, some consumers have claimed that the company uses deceptive marketing tactics. In 2015, they settled a lawsuit filed by New Jersey consumer affairs and were required to pay over $780,000 to consumers.

With that in mind, customers interested in purchasing a policy from Choice Home Warranty are urged to carefully review the warranty agreement as well as company reviews prior to making their decision.

Making a Claim Through Choice Home Warranty

In the event that a claim must be made, policyholders can visit Choice Home Warranty’s online account center or contact the call center at 888-531-5403. Both claim processing options are available to homeowners 24/7/365, making availability an attractive factor to those considering this home warranty provider.

Choice Home Warranty utilizes a technician network and all services and repairs must be provided by a local licensed and insured technician within the Choice network. While some may find this comforting, especially if they don’t have a lengthy list of reliable technicians, others find the lack of choice limiting, making it a consideration for those who prefer to work with specific companies or individuals.

Policy Specifics

Choice Home Warranty offers two different plans: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan.

In addition to service fees and monthly or annual billing, policyholders are also required to pay a Service Fee, which is equal to $75 or the actual cost of the repair, whichever is less.

If any repairs carried out under the policy agreement fail, then Choice Home Warranty will provide additional service calls for a period of 90 days if the failure is due to faulty parts or 30 days if the failure is due to faulty labor.


Coverage begins within 30 days of application submission and receipt of any applicable fees. Though the company recommends a pre-coverage inspection, one is not necessary.

What’s covered under a Choice Home Warranty program? Both the Basic and Total plans cover the following appliances and systems:

  • Home Systems: Heating, electric, plumbing, water heaters, plumbing stoppage, and ductwork
  • Appliances: Whirlpool bathtubs, ovens, ranges, stoves, cooktops, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, garbage disposals, garage door openers, and ceiling and exhaust fans.

Homeowners who choose the Total plan will also gain coverage for qualified repairs on or replacements of washers and dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems.

In addition to the systems and appliances covered by the Basic and Total plans, homeowners can opt into and pay for coverage on pools/spas, wells and sump pumps, central vacuums, a second refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, septic systems, septic tank pumping, and limited roof leaks.

Bottom Line

Choice Home Warranty is an industry leader, however, due to a series of customer complaints and a violation of the BBB Code of Advertising and the FTC Act, the company has received a “C” rating from the BBB and is not currently considered BBB Accredited.

Choice Home Warranty is competitively priced and may be a viable option for homeowners looking for an affordable monthly policy with basic coverage; however, coverage is often limited when compared to other providers.

Before selecting any warranty provider, be sure to thoroughly research the company and review the agreements to identify the extent of coverage. And, as always, it’s helpful to check consumer reviews, which can provide insight into the experiences of existing and past customers.