SBA Disaster Loans & FEMA Assistance

When natural disasters negatively impact a business, many owners turn to FEMA and the SBA in an effort to access disaster relief funds and repair disaster-related damages. There are certain qualification requirements you must meet in order to be eligible.

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How to Establish and Build Business Credit

Just like personal credit scores, businesses must have a strong credit history, a positive payment history, and a good financial track record in order to operate successfully. This guide provides detailed information about how to establish and build credit as a business owner.

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Small Business Statistics

Owning a business can be rewarding yet risky. Although some businesses will eventually shut down, startups actually do outnumber the closures. The small business statistics below will help you better understand what goes into starting a business.

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Microloans for Small Businesses

Unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on a small business, as can a period of stagnant or slow cash flow. When the bills are due or a financial emergency strikes, smaller companies may find it difficult to acquire the capital they need quickly. Microloans for small businesses can be a viable option when more conventional financing […]

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How College Students Can Find Funding for Their Business

Who says that college students can’t take over the business world? At LendEDU, we believe in the power of college startups because we are one. Matt Lenhard and I started our company when we were still in college at the University of Delaware. Only, it wasn’t called LendEDU at the time. The company was originally […]

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Small Business Grants: Options to Help Grow Your Business

Has someone told you that all you need to do to get extra cash for your business is apply for small business grants, startup business grants, federal government grants, or U.S. Small Business Administration grants? Have they made it seem like a quick online search about “how to start your own business with no money” […]

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