LendEDU’s College Risk-Reward Indicator (CRRI) 2016

College is expensive. Really expensive.. So expensive, that College Board reported that the average student at an in-state public school should expect to pay about $19,548 this year. And, the average student at a private nonprofit should expect to spend about $43,921 this year. Keeping up with the rapidly rising costs of higher education isn’t easy. Savings, [&

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February 2016 Student Loan Borrower Survey (Part 2)

The 2016 Presidential race is starting to pick up. In the coming weeks Nevada and South Carolina will host their highly anticipated primaries. After that, the majority of Americans will be making the trip to the ballot box in March and April. At LendEDU, we work to help the more than 43 million Americans better […]

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February 2016 Student Loan Borrower Survey

Today, one in seven Americans currently has student loan debt. If you’ve recently graduated, this fact should come without surprise. Higher education is expensive, and increasingly students and families are turning to student loan debt to finance their education. Tuition hikes, generous loan limits, and the recovering economy has pushed the outstanding amount of stud

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January 2016 Student Loan Borrower Survey

Earlier this month we traveled to a few local college campuses in search of student loan borrowers. Today, 7 out of 10 graduates are leaving campus with a student loan statement in hand. And, the average graduate is leaving campus with just over $37,000 in debt. As you might expect, it wasn’t that hard to […]

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LendEDU’s Top 13 University Entrepreneur Programs

If you want to be an entrepreneur, but aren’t sure just how to start, there is no need to worry – you are certainly not alone. More people today are starting businesses, with the ease of using the Internet to connect with potential customers. It makes sense to work in a field you love, rather than […]

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5 States With the Most Student Loan Debt in 2013

It is no secret that earning a four-year college degree goes a long way towards helping you gain professional employment. According to the Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS), earning a college degree is the best way to secure gainful employment in the field that you studied. However, the average cost of college continues to […]

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