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Colleges & Universities Providing Most Aid to Incoming Freshmen with Financial Need in 2018

According to LendEDU’s third annual Student Loan Debt by School by State report, student loan borrowers from the Class of 2017 graduated with a daunting $28,288 of debt, on average. That figure is up by $313 from last year’s report. Additionally, 58 percent of all graduates from the Class of 2017 at non-profit four-year colleges left campus

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Need-Based and Non-Need-Based Financial Aid Guide

Need-based financial aid is reserved for students whose families have lower incomes and need help paying for college. Non-need-based financial aid, on the other hand, is available to most students regardless of their families' income.

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The Top 50 Colleges With the Best Financial Aid Counseling Programs

Paying off any kind of debt can be an uphill battle. Now take that hill, cover it in a sheet of ice, throw on a half foot of snow, add some money-hungry debt collectors chasing you, and you have what can be imagined as the student loan debt repayment process. Depending on where you land after graduation, […]

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LendEDU’s Financial Aid Awareness Month Survey

Did you know that February is Financial Aid Awareness Month? In the spirit of Financial Aid Awareness Month, we conducted a survey of 500 current college students and asked them 16 general questions related to the financial aid process. Go to any college campus, find a student, and they can ramble on about a tricky subject […]

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Do You Have To Pay Back Financial Aid?

Financial aid is one of the most important services that the federal government provides citizens right now, and there are currently millions of Americans who are benefiting from these services. However, one of the key issues facing students once they do fill out their FAFSA forms is; will they have to pay back their financial aid? Answering […]

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Most Affordable Schools for Incoming Freshmen with Financial Need

Today, the average student loan borrower graduates with over $28,000 in student loan debt. This is no small chunk of change, and when interest is included, could balloon to a much higher amount. One of the best ways to avoid this often debilitating debt is to avoid taking on as much as possible. How is this possible? Grants and scholarships. [&hell

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