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FAFSA Question: Do You Actually Have to Register with the Selective Service System?

If you're a male, registering with Selective Service is mandatory if you want federal financial aid for school regardless of whether you want to serve in the military or not.

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How Many Times Should You File the FAFSA?

You’ll need to fill out the FAFSA once per year, every year that you’re attending school and want financial aid. Even if you don't need federal student loans or think you'll qualify for grants or scholarships, you should still fill it out just in case you do.

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How to File the FAFSA When You Don’t Live With Your Parents

If you don't live with your parents, you may be considered an independent student in terms of the FAFSA. This will likely increase the amount of aid that you're eligible for.

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Should You Include Your Spouse’s Income on the FAFSA?

If you are married and live with your spouse, you must include his or her income on your FAFSA.

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What is Considered Legal Residence on the FAFSA?

Your legal residence for the FAFSA typically is where your parents or legal guardians live. There are, however, often situations where the answer isn't so clear such as when your parents live in different locations.

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How Does Being a Ward of the Court Affect Financial Aid?

If you are in foster care or your guardian was appointed by a judge because your parents’ rights were terminated, then you can be considered a ward of the court and an independent student.

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Who is Paying For College? It Might Depend On Race or Institution

With over 13,000 answers from current college students, LendEDU analyzed how much responsibility students bear in paying for college and broke the data down by race, gender, school, region, and major.

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Top Colleges & Universities For Federal Work-Study Financial Aid

According to the most recent data compiled by LendEDU, the average cost for attending a four-year not-for-profit college or university in the United States is $25,290 for public institutions and $50,900 for private. Federal and private student loans, grants, scholarships, and savings are the most commonly utilized resources to help mitigate the ever-increasing cost of [&he

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DACA Financial Aid Options

If you're a DACA student, it may be hard to get student aid for college. Though your ineligibility for federal funds makes things more difficult, it is still possible to find money for school.

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Colleges & Universities Providing Most Aid to Incoming Freshmen with Financial Need in 2018

According to LendEDU’s third annual Student Loan Debt by School by State report, student loan borrowers from the Class of 2017 graduated with a daunting $28,288 of debt, on average. That figure is up by $313 from last year’s report. Additionally, 58 percent of all graduates from the Class of 2017 at non-profit four-year colleges left campus

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