How to Report Rent Payments to a Credit Bureau

Renters comprise a large amount of people in the U.S. While many renters say they don’t mind not owning a home with a big mortgage, they are disadvantaged in at least one way. If they make their monthly rent payments on time, just as homeowners make their monthly mortgage payments on time, it does nothing […]

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Which Credit Reporting Agencies Banks Use to Pull Your Credit Report

There are three main credit reporting agencies (CRA) operating within the United States. Each one is a for-profit company responsible for recording and compiling your credit history. A business that has a legitimate reason to request a credit check can contact one or more of the big three CRAs to pull your credit report. Some […]

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How Medical Debt Might Impact Your Credit Score

There has been a popular myth circulating for ages about how medical debt can impact your credit score. It has been said that unpaid medical debt doesn’t affect your credit – at least not as much as other forms of debt. While that may be true under certain circumstances, what you don’t know about medical […]

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Business Credit vs. Personal Credit

If you own a business, chances are you’ve at least considered the idea of trying to get credit to help that business grow. Whether you’ve looked at a loan for startup expenses or expansion, a credit line for working capital, or a business credit card for day-to-day expenses, business credit can seem a bit confusing. […]

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How the Length of Your Credit History Affects Your Credit Score

You might have received correspondence recently offer you free access to your credit score. If you talk to anybody planning to apply for an auto loan or home mortgage often try to take positive steps to improve their credit score before applying to ensure they qualify for the best interest rate available. Even credit card […]

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