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Credit Cards

Best Credit Card Perks Offered Today

Credit card perks can be a strong incentive to choose one card over another. The more benefits your card brings, the more value it may hold for you. The best credit card perks will depend on your lifestyle, spending habits, and which benefits you’ll use. Be sure your expected value from the card you choose exceeds any related costs and fees.

Wondering what credit card has the best perks? We’ve researched the best credit cards that offer benefits and perks in categories including air travel and hotels. 

In this guide:

Best credit card air travel perks

If you often fly, a card that provides air travel perks can help make every trip more comfortable. Here are our picks for the best credit cards for air travel perks in several categories. 

In-flight WiFi access

In-flight WiFi is a terrific travel perk if you want to stay connected everywhere you go. These cards offer discounts to cover the cost of WiFi while traveling. 

Examples of WiFi benefits
Up to a $25 statement credit each account anniversary toward in-flight WiFi purchases. 
Save 25% on in-flight WiFi purchases made with the card. 
Get up to 365 in-flight WiFi credits per year. 
Access to complimentary Boingo WiFi, which includes 1 million hotspot locations worldwide. 

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TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is a travel rewards credit card perk that can help you get through airport security screenings faster. 

Several travel rewards cards allow you to enroll in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. 

Examples of TSA PreCheck benefits
Get a statement credit of up to $85 for TSA PreCheck after applying through an Authorized Enrollment Provider. 
Get 1 statement credit of $85 – $100 every 4 or 5 years when you charge TSA PreCheck (or Global Entry) application fees to the card. 

Airport lounge access

Relaxing in the airport lounge can help you comfortably pass the time between flights. 

Examples of lounge access benefits
Unlimited access to the American Express Global Lounge Collection, which spans more than 1,200 airport lounges across 130 countries
Access to more than 1,300 VIP lounges in over 500 cities 
Access to nearly 50 Admirals Club lounges and more than 60 partner lounges worldwide.
Access to Delta Sky Club, along with 2 one-time guest passes each year. 
Unlimited lounge access for yourself and 2 guests through 1,300+ Priority Pass partner lounges. 
Access to 45+ United Club locations and participating Star Alliance-affiliated lounges worldwide. 

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In-flight savings and bonuses

Air travel can be expensive, and every discount you can take advantage of can help reduce your overall cost. An introductory bonus can also help you qualify for miles or points to apply toward air travel. 

Examples of in-flight savings and bonus benefits
20% – 50% savings credit on eligible in-flight purchases of food, beverages, and audio headsets. 
Earn introductory bonus miles or points after spending a specified amount in the first several months of membership.

Airline companion tickets

Companion tickets can help you save money on flights when traveling with someone else. 

Examples of companion ticket benefits
Domestic First Class, Comfort+, or Main Cabin round-trip companion certificate each year upon card renewal. 
Earn a Travel Together ticket each calendar year.
Earn qualifying points toward a Companion Pass with every purchase. 
Earn a Companion Pass plus points after spending a specified amount in the first several months of membership.

Free checked bags

Free checked bags can add up to serious savings if you travel often. 

Examples of checked bag benefits
First checked bag free.
You and 1 companion can check at least 1 bag free.
Check your first bag free and 1 to 6 guests traveling on the same reservation.

Trip cancellation insurance

Trip cancellation insurance can protect you against financial losses if your travel plans go awry. 

Example of trip cancellation benefits
Get reimbursed up to $10,000 per person and $20,000 per trip for prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if a trip is cut short by a covered situation. 

Rental car insurance

Rental car insurance can protect you if you’re involved in an accident while driving a rental car. These benefits can also insure against damages relating to theft or vandalism.

Example of rental car insurance benefits
Up to $75,000 in reimbursement for theft and collision damage or other covered events when you charge rental costs to your card and decline the rental company’s collision insurance. 

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Best credit card hotel perks

Hotel credit cards could be a wise choice if you often book hotel stays. The perks may be part of a hotel loyalty rewards program connected to the card. 

Perks can vary based on the hotel chain or brand. Many hotels offer loyalty programs, but benefits may only extend to their properties and don’t transfer to other chains or brands. 

Examples of hotel perks
Free award nights
Complimentary room upgrades
Early check-in or late checkout
Complimentary breakfast
Premium WiFi upgrades

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Other credit card perks

In addition to air travel and hotel perks, you may be on the hunt for other card benefits. We’ve researched the best perks unrelated to travel. 

0% APR

A 0% introductory APR can help you save money on large purchases. If you pay the balance in full before the promotional rate ends, you won’t pay interest on the items you buy. 

You could also transfer balances at a 0% APR to pay them off interest-free. 

Example of 0% APR benefits
0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 12 – 18 months and balance transfers for the first 15 – 21 months. (Balance transfer fee applies.) 

Convenience checks

Convenience checks can allow you to make purchases, transfer balances, or withdraw cash. 

If your credit card company offers them, it may send you unsolicited convenience checks or enable you to request them online. When you use these checks, it’s essential to understand what fees and APR may apply to the transaction. 

Here’s how different credit card companies compare.

Card issuerOffers convenience checks?How to apply
American ExpressNoN/A
Bank of AmericaYes, for balance transfers and cash advances.Visit Bank of America’s website for more details or to log in to your account and request checks. 
BarclaycardYes, for balance transfers or cash advances.Contact Barclaycard customer service at 877-523-0478.
Capital OneYes, for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.Contact Capital One customer service at 1-800-CAPITAL.
ChaseYes, for selected cards.Visit Chase’s website for more details or to log in to your account and request checks.
Citizens BankYes, for cash advances.Call Citizens Bank customer service at 1-800-922-9999.
DiscoverYes, for cash advances.Call Discover customer service at 1-800-DISCOVER.
PNC BankYes, for balance transfers and cash advances. Call PNC Bank customer service at 1-888-PNC-BANK.
U.S. BankYes, for cash advances and only with selected cards. Visit U.S. Bank’s website for more details or to log in to your account and request checks. 
Wells FargoYes, for balance transfers and cash advances.Call Wells Fargo customer service at 1-800-869-3557.

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Authorized user

Adding an authorized user to a rewards credit card is a consideration if you’d like to give another person charging privileges. 

Examples of authorized user benefits
Authorized users have access to all regular card member benefits, including rewards, dining and travel benefits, and shopping benefits, with no additional annual fee. 
Authorized users can earn rewards on purchases while enjoying partner benefits with no additional annual fee. 

Explore the best credit cards for authorized users.

Concierge services

Concierge services can make booking travel easier, but you might also use them to plan a fun night out closer to home.

Example of concierge benefits
Get help with travel planning, restaurant recommendations, and reservations for special events. 

Find out more about credit card concierge services.

Cellphone protection

Replacing a lost, stolen, or broken cellphone can be expensive—unless you have cellphone protection. This credit card feature can cover cellphone replacement up to a certain number of yearly claims. 

Example of cellphone protection benefits
Get reimbursed up to $1,500 for lost or stolen cellphones when you use your card to pay your cellphone bill. (Deductible may apply.)

Price protection

Price protection can be a terrific benefit if you always seek the best bargain. This card perk will refund the difference if you find something you bought with your card on sale elsewhere at a lower price. 

This was a feature credit card companies used to offer, but we could not find any that included this perk today.

What credit card has the best perks?

The credit card that provides the “best” perks will depend on what you’re looking for and what you hope to get from a rewards card. 

We’ve compiled the best options for getting multiple credit card perks in one place. Remember to consider annual fees and APR when applying for new credit cards. 

Card nameAir travel perksHotel perksOther perks
Platinum Card from American ExpressTSA PreCheck fee credit

Airport lounge access

Trip cancellation insurance

Rental car insurance coverage
$200 hotel credit

Fine Hotels + Resorts access
Platinum concierge service

Cellphone protection
Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MastercardTSA PreCheck fee credit

Airport lounge access

First checked bag free
Dedicated concierge serviceIn-flight discounts

Introductory rewards bonus
Capital One Venture X RewardsTSA PreCheck fee credit

Airport lounge access
Hotel price matchingRental car coverage

Cellphone protection
Chase Sapphire ReserveTSA PreCheck fee credit

Airport lounge access
Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection access
Trip cancellation insurance

Rental car insurance