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Belk Credit Card Review

Updated Feb 28, 2022   |   7-min read

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Belk Rewards Credit Card

Belk Rewards Credit Card
at Belk’s secure website
Editorial Rating

Belk Rewards Credit Card

Editorial Rating

What we like:


Intro Offer20% off all purchases the day of account approval (home goods and shoes are only eligible for 15% off)

$10 in Belk reward dollars when you make a purchase on the day of approval
Rewards Rate3% back in rewards at Belk or

2% back on gas and grocery purchases

1% back everywhere else Mastercard is accepted
Regular APR25.49%
Annual Fee$0
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Card Details


  • Generous signup bonus for new cardmembers
  • 20 exclusive savings events annually
  • Bonus rewards events throughout the year
  • Cardholder savings day of the month
  • Receipt-free returns


  • Certain rewards limited to higher-tier cards only
  • Very high standard APR
  • Must wait up to three billing cycles to receive rewards once your points balance reaches 1,000
  • Rewards expire after one year
  • Rewards capped at $100 per billing cycle

Recommended Credit Score

  • Average credit or limited credit history

Belk Credit Card: High Rewards for High Spenders

Belk is a department store that dates all the way back to 1888. There are around 300 Belk locations spread across 16 different states, and these stores sell a wide variety of products, including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing; bed and bath items; home furnishings; makeup; jewelry and accessories; and more.

Like many department stores, Belk has its own store credit cards. These cards are Mastercards, which means they can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted — not just at Belk stores and The card for which you’re eligible depends on how much you spend at Belk each year, but each card provides fairly generous rewards for customers when shopping at Belk stores.

In this review:

Belk Credit Card Benefits

Belk Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Although the Belk Rewards Card is the entry-level card for customers who spend up to $599 at Belk stores annually, you still get plenty of the same perks, including 20% off all purchases the day of account approval (home goods and shoes are only eligible for 15% off). You also score $10 in Belk reward dollars (good for $10 in purchases) when you make a purchase on the day of approval, making it a pretty solid first day as a cardholder.

In addition, you also get:

  1. 3% back in rewards at Belk or; 2% back on gas and grocery purchases; and 1% back everywhere else Mastercard is accepted (1,000 points = $10 in Belk reward dollars)
  2. 20 exclusive savings events annually, including special days on which you can take advantage of additional discounts (for example, cardholders can save 25% on women’s or junior’s fashions with limited exclusions on Belk’s Girls’ Night Out)
  3. Receipt-free returns for purchases made with your card
  4. Bonus reward events and cardholder savings day of the month 

Belk Premier Rewards Credit Card Benefits

The Belk Premier Rewards card is available to customers who spend between $600 and $1,499 annually. This card comes with the same perks the Belk Rewards credit card offers, in addition to:

  • 4% back in rewards at Belk or (compared to 3% for the Rewards card)
  • A birthday coupon
  • Flexible payments with the Belk RewardsFlex Pay Plan
  • Access to invitation-only Premier Savings Days where you enjoy additional savings on select products.

Belk Elite Rewards Credit Card Benefits

The Belk Elite Rewards credit card is the highest-tier card with Belk, reserved for customers who spend at least $1,500 annually. This card comes with the same perks the Belk Premier Rewards credit card offers, in addition to:

  • 5% back in rewards at Belk or (compared to 4% for the Premier Rewards card and 3% for the Rewards card)
  • Free shipping in-store and at
  • A quarterly Pick Your Own Sale Day (20% off purchases on a day of your choosing)
  • Access to 4 invitation-only Elite Savings Days per year

Downsides of the Belk Credit Card

The Belk card, like most store cards, has one big downside: The rewards program can be more restrictive than what’s usually offered with general cash back credit cards. Points can be redeemed only for Belk reward dollars.

Although Belk reward dollars can be used to purchase merchandise at Belk stores with no brand exclusions, you cannot redeem rewards for a statement credit or for purchases at any other stores. If you want more redemption options, other cash back or rewards credit cards provide much more flexibility.

Rewards only kick in once you’ve reached 1,000 points, so it could take you a while to earn enough rewards to cash in. Also, you can only redeem $100 in Belk reward dollars in any one billing cycle — although any leftover rewards points can be applied to future billing periods — and rewards expire after one year.

How It Compares to Similar Cards

The Belk card has some good benefits compared to other store cards, especially because they can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Other retailers, such as Kohl’s, only offer cards that can be used in-store.

As far as store cards go, the Belk credit card offer decent rewards, especially if you can qualify for the Belk Elite Rewards tier. The more you shop at Belk stores, the more valuable the perks become, with such add-ons as free shipping and a quarterly Pick Your Own Sale Day.

Unfortunately, like most store cards, the Belk card has pretty restrictive rules when it comes to how you can redeem rewards.

Belk Elite Rewards vs. Discover it Cash Back

The Discover it Cash Back credit card rewards cardholders with 5% cash back in rotating quarterly bonus categories such as gas stations, grocery stores,, or restaurants. Meanwhile, only the Belk Elite Rewards card offers that rate. That said, if Belk is your retailer of choice, you might be able to earn more rewards without having to keep track of a cash back calendar.

Unsurprisingly, Discover also provides much more flexibility when it comes to redeeming rewards, which don’t expire. Although the Discover it Cash Back card doesn’t provide the immediacy of a signup bonus on the day you open your account, it does match all the cash back you’ve earned automatically at the end of your first year — which could provide much bigger savings than the Belk card’s one-day discounts.

How Do I Submit a Belk Credit Card Payment?

You have a few different options for making a payment to your Belk credit card account. You can make a payment by logging into your Belk account at or You could also pay via the Belk mobile app, over the phone at 800-669-6550, by mailing in your payment, or by visiting a Belk store.

Bottom Line

If you regularly shop at Belk stores and you don’t mind the restrictions on how you can redeem rewards, the Belk Rewards Mastercard could be a good choice for you. Just remember: Reward points expire at the one-year mark and can only be used for Belk purchases. If you want more flexibility and don’t want to worry about losing rewards, consider other cards such as the Discover it or similar cash back cards.