Terri Williams

Terri Williams

Terri Williams has been a business, finance, technology, and higher education journalist and copywriter since 2010. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in English Literature. Terri has bylines at The Economist, USA Today, Realtor.com, U.S. News & World Report, Bankrate, Verizon, Women 2.0, and more.

Articles by Terri Williams:

Loan Default: What Happens When You Can’t Repay Your Car or Personal Loan?

A defaulted loan won’t just go away. If you don’t resolve it, your lender will–and it won’t be pretty. Some lenders are willing to work with you, but it’s important to communicate early and often to resolve the issue amicably.

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Getting a Mortgage for a Second Home: Compare Rates & Learn More

A second home could save you money when you travel or provide income as a rental property. Here’s how to weigh whether it’s worth getting a mortgage for a second home—and which lenders are a good fit.

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