Shannon Serpette

Shannon Serpette

Shannon Serpette is a mother of two and an award-winning journalist and freelancer who lives in Illinois. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from Illinois Wesleyan University before beginning her 20-year career in newspapers. When she’s not spending time with her children, she is often pursuing her favorite hobbies—running, metal detecting, kayaking, and reading about personal finance.

Articles by Shannon Serpette:

Axos Personal Loans Review

Axos Bank personal loans come with flexible terms, fixed monthly payments, and no collateral required. However, applicants may find lower interest rates with other lenders, especially if they have good or excellent credit.

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How to Do a Balance Transfer With a Chase Credit Card

When you owe money on your credit card and feel like you’re never making headway in paying it off, a balance transfer to another card could be the way to go. Chase credit cards offer excellent balance transfer opportunities so you can start reducing your debt and clearing up your finances.

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Mortgage Prequalification: How to Get Prequalified for a Home Loan

A home loan prequalification may be necessary when you’re house hunting. Keep your options open by prequalifying with more than one mortgage lender, continuing to chip away at the debt you owe, and saving for a down payment.

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How to Pay Off Student Loans in 5 Years

Paying off your student loans in five years is possible. It takes dedication, willpower, and perhaps even a side gig or two, but it can help you move more quickly into the next chapters of your life.

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Bank of North Dakota Student Loans Review

Student loans make up approximately 30 percent of Bank of North Dakota’s portfolio. BND offers private student loans as well as student loan refinancing. Not every student will qualify for Bank of North Dakota student loans—they have to meet certain requirements.

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Oxygen Review: Banking and Credit for Freelancers

Oxygen is a new digital bank designed to meet the needs of freelancers who traditionally have a hard time getting access to credit. You’ll only pay a monthly membership fee when you tap into your line of credit.

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Which American Airlines Credit Card Is Best for You?

There’s an American Airlines credit card for everybody, from infrequent travelers to jet setting globetrotters. This guide will help determine which is right for each kind of spender.

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Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard Review

With its generous sign-up bonus and anniversary bonus miles offer, the Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard is a good option for anyone who enjoys flying with Virgin Atlantic. Beware though, some of the perks, including the companion reward benefit, requires making a lot of purchases on your card annually.

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What to Know About BMW Financial Services Before You Borrow

BMW Financial Services gives you access to benefits, offers, and events. You’ll receive financing choices for both purchasing and leasing vehicles. A subscription option allows you to change vehicles as often as you want with no fuss.

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What to Know About Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Before You Borrow

Depending upon your credit score, you may be able to land zero- or low-interest loans with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services which can save a lot of money. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

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