Nate Matherson

Nate is the co-founder and CEO of LendEDU. He has passion for financial literacy and a personal relationship with student debt, and he likes to use his experience to help others. Nate graduated with B.S. in Finance from the University of Delaware. At the time of graduation, Nate had over $50,000 in student loan debt. As of today, Nate is still working to repay his student loan debt.

Articles by Nate Matherson:

How We Added Employee Cards to Our American Express Account

Adding employee cards to your American Express Business Account is easy and can be done online in just a few minutes. Here’s how I did it.

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How I Changed My Principal 401(k) Contribution and Deferral

Changing your Principal 401(k) contribution easy, and making a small change now could have a huge impact on your retirement. Here's how I did it.

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5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Graduating with Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt has become a big topic over the last few years. Many people feel that having to repay large amounts of student debt after college is unfair and puts borrowers in a tough position to grow financially. Being debt-free is always going to be preferable, but I’m actually here to confess that I […]

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Septic Tank Costs & Financing Options

Homeowners have options for financing the replacement or repair of a septic tank. The ideal option for you depends on your ability to qualify for financing through a personal loan or home equity line of credit or loan, and the costs.

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Swimming Pool Loans: Is Financing a Good Idea?

Swimming pools are a big investment and often require financing. Some options, however, are better than others, and making the wrong decision can cost you for a long time. Knowing the types of financing available and what to look for can keep you from going underwater later.

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LendEDU Donates $10,000 to New Jersey Charities

LendEDU, a website focused on helping consumers find financial solutions, is excited to celebrate its three-year anniversary at the company’s New Jersey location. Hoboken has provided a home for our company to grow, so we’ve decided to commemorate the occasion with several donations to worthy local causes. LendEDU provides education and in-depth information on student

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Pet Insurance in Canada

Having a pet can be rewarding, no matter what type of pet you have. However, pets come with a slew of expenses that many pet owners are not readily prepared to cover out of pocket. Getting a pet insurance plan can be a smart way to protect against financial loss if a pet becomes sick or injured during its lifetime.

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What Isn’t Covered by Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help cover the costs of a catastrophic illness, accident, or injury to your furry family member. Some policies offer coverage for more routine concerns. Pet insurance doesn’t cover everything, however, so understand your policy before you sign it—and do some comparison shopping before choosing a pet insurance company.

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Parent PLUS Loans Guide

With the rising cost of college, students and their families are always looking for more options for funding. The federal Parent PLUS loan is one of the loan options that lets parents help their child bridge the funding gap.

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Life Insurance for Married Couples

If you’re married, a joint life insurance policy can save you money and keep your family financially secure in the event of you or your spouse’s death. To find the best deal, comparison shop because there are many different companies and options on the market, and their terms and rates vary.

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