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Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit has been writing, speaking, and podcasting about money since 2006. Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets.


About Miranda Marquit

Current Role

Personal finance writer, speaker, and podcaster


Plutus Award winner, Distinguished Under 40 in Idaho Falls, East Idaho Woman of Influence in Media


Beginning investing, financial planning, small businesses, student loans, college planning, healthcare, economy


Bachelor's degree in communications from Southern Utah University, master's degree in journalism from Syracuse University, MBA from Utah State University

Personal Finance Experience

Miranda has been covering personal finance, business and investing topics since 2006. In addition, she has also experimented with various money management techniques and uses her financial resources to build a life she enjoys.

Since obtaining her MBA, Miranda has presented workshops on personal finance in schools and to professional organizations. She also works with the financial literacy nonprofit Plutus Foundation to present intimate conversations about financial topics in underserved communities.

Miranda is a speaker, educator, panelist, and podcaster, as well as a national spokesperson. She has appeared in various media and is considered a subject matter expert on personal finance and investing topics.

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