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Jennifer Lobb is a graduate of the University of Denver and a freelance writer with several years of experience writing for both personal and small business finance sites. In addition, she has also spent well over a decade as a content marketing professional and continues to follow and write about emerging trends in that field.

Articles by Jennifer Lobb:

Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan borrowers who have more than one loan and want to simplify their repayment efforts may find an answer in student loan consolidation. You can combine federal student loans together via the Direct Consolidation Loan or you can combine federal and/or private student loans via private student loan consolidation.

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Should You Refinance Federal Student Loans?

While the government does not offer federal loan refinancing options, federal student loans can be refinanced through private lenders. In some cases, this can lead to more manageable payments and lower interest rates, but it often comes at the expense of borrower protections offered by the federal government.

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Iowa Student Loan Review

Iowa Student Loan offers loans for undergraduates, graduate students, parents of students, and those looking to refinance their existing student loans. These loans are only available to students from Iowa or to those who are attending college in Iowa.

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Banks That Offer Fixed Rate HELOCs

Home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, typically carry variable interest rates, which can make it difficult to gauge the total costs associated with this form of financing. However, these lenders often offer borrowers the option to enter into a fixed-rate HELOC, which may be preferable for borrowers who want flexible financing with predictable repayment.

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Citibank Student Loans: Alternatives to Consider

In 2017, Citibank stopped offering student loans. If you were considering a student loan through Citibank, there are a variety of other options, including private loans through SunTrust, Discover, and Sallie Mae that we review below.

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Amazon Credit Card Review: Which Card is Best?

The right Amazon credit card can help you earn rewards for shopping on one of your favorite sites. This is particularly true for Amazon Prime customers who may want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

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Bad Credit Loans: 7 Online Options for 2019

If you have bad credit but need a personal loan, you may feel that you’re out of luck. However, there are numerous financial institutions that offer loan products specifically designed for borrowers with bad credit. This guide can help you find the best option for your needs and credit profile.

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Capital One Spark Business Credit Cards: How They Stack Up

Capital One Spark Business cards can be a great way to manage your business expenses and earn rewards. However, before you apply for your a Spark card, it’s important to consider your business expenses, rewards rates, and redemption opportunities.

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Eusoh Pet Insurance Alternative Review

Eusoh is a cost-sharing pet insurance alternative that allows pet owners to join together to manage health care costs. For some pet owners, Eusoh could be an affordable way to cover their pet with fewer requirements and restrictions.

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Virginia Small Business Loans & Grants

Small business owners in Virginia have many funding options including state and local grants and traditional and online lending products such as small business term loans, lines of credit, and invoice factoring.

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