Carrie Ott

Carrie Ott is a graduate of Calvin College, where she earned dual honors degrees in Japanese and linguistics before moving on to Aston University for a master of science in forensic linguistics. She has worked as a copywriter, editor, and content production manager for nearly a decade, with a focus on finance, health and wellness, and catering. She lives near Detroit with her husband and a plethora of rescue and foster reptiles. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, competitive speedrunning, video games, and painting or sketching.

Articles by Carrie Ott:

How Does the Graduated Repayment Plan Work for Student Loans?

A graduated repayment plan could offer you lower monthly payments on your federal student loans right out of college. But it will mean paying more in interest over time. Here’s how to decide whether it’s right for you.

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How to Know If You Qualify for Student Loan Cancellation

Students can have their federal loans canceled if they follow the rules required by the government. However, to cancel student loan debt, you need to qualify for some “unusual” circumstances or follow a strict program, and few borrowers will be eligible.

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Best Airline Credit Cards of 2019: Maximize Your Miles

Review the best airline credit cards to earn miles towards upgrades, free flights, baggage discounts, and more.

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Seek Capital Review

Thanks to flexible acceptance criteria and a wide range of products, Seek Business Capital can be a helpful resource for small business owners who have struggled to find financing.

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Bank of America Home Equity Line of Credit Review

Those interested in Bank of American home loans should know only HELOCs are available. These are still a solid option because of possible interest rate discounts and extensive online services. However, borrowers should only borrow what they know they can repay or risk losing their home to foreclosure.

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Safeco Homeowners Insurance Review

Safeco insurance provides home insurance and policy add-ons at generally affordable rates. However, negative customer reviews on claims fulfillment and rising prices are worth looking into.

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Best Credit Cards for Restaurants

The best credit cards for dining enable you to earn cash back on dining. Many card issuers offer solid restaurant credit cards for businesses or individuals, so you’ll have to compare your options to decide which one is right for you.

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