Amanda Reaume

Amanda Reaume

Amanda Reaume writes about personal finance, credit, and student loans. Her work has appeared on sites like Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Time, and FoxBusiness and she is the author of the book Money is Everything: Personal Finance for the Brave New Economy.

Articles by Amanda Reaume:

GEICO Pet Insurance Review

GEICO Pet Insurance offers a number of low-cost customizable pet insurance plans for your cat or dog, with low monthly premiums and a range of deductibles to meet your needs.

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Personal Loans for Veterans

Whether you have good credit, fair credit, or poor credit, there is probably a personal loan out there for you.

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Motorcycle Loans: Best Rates & Lenders

If you’re buying a motorcycle, you’ll want to know your options for motorcycle financing. This guide will help you figure out how to finance a motorcycle by giving you the pros and cons of different motorcycle loan options and some tips for how to find the best motorcycle loan rates.

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Great Lakes Student Loans Review: What You Need to Know

Great Lakes Loans is an official federal student loan servicer for the U.S. Department of Education. While student loan servicers are assigned to you, you can change your servicer if you consolidate your loans. Read our Great Lakes review to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Centurion Card Review: What to Know About the American Express Black Card

The American Express Black Card is the most exclusive credit card on the market. Its perks and rewards are only known through rumors, but with an annual fee of $2,500, they're sure to be great.

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Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Review

Guaranteed Rate offers a number of mortgage options such as Fixed-Rate, Adjustable-Rate, Jumbo, FHA loans, VA loans, Interest-Only, and Refinancing. Its mortgages are a good fit if you’re looking to reduce your monthly payment or borrow more to buy your home.

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Quicken Loans Mortgage Review

Quicken Loan offers mortgages including fixed-rate, ARM, reverse mortgages, FHA, VA, jumbo loans, and refinance options. Which option is right for you will depend on your situation, but the benefit of all Quicken Loans’ options is that you can customize your loan.

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FHA Loan Requirements: How to Get Help Buying Your First Home

If you want to take out an FHA loan, you'll need to meet the Federal Housing Administration's first-time buyer qualifications and other FHA loan requirements.

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Credible vs SoFi: Which Student Loan Is Best?

SoFi vs Credible: how do they compare? SoFi is an innovative online lender. Credible is a loan marketplace you can use to get quotes from several lenders. This comparison will help you decide which is best.

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Shared Appreciation Mortgage Definition and Lender Options

Shared appreciation mortgages are hard to find, but they can help you buy a home if you have a low income, live in an expensive market, or if this is your first time purchasing a property.

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